Aussie Christmases

by Danica

The typical Christmas scene includes chimneys and fireplaces, mugs of hot chocolate, warm gloves, scarves and coats, and the beautiful snow that’s so common in the US, the UK and of course, the North Pole.

But what most people don’t experience is Christmas in summer, which Australians get to enjoy every year.

Scott Hampson of Agent-X Comics tweeted this link to a music video of Rolf Harris’ Christmas in the Sun.

I think Mr Harris describes Aussie Christmases well.

Over here in Western Sydney where I live, we had a cloudy and wet Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Even so, a summer Christmas is the Christmas for me. So what if it’s hot and it’s not snowing? I’ve never celebrated Christmas anywhere except here in Sydney, so I’m not missing out on anything. For me personally, a white Christmas would be pretty exciting, but I guess it’s not my kinda thing.

– “Keep moving forward.” – Walt Disney