Vote for my caption!

by Danica

Last week, the Bearman of held a little contest last week asking his readers to think of a caption for his cartoon:

Editorial Cartoon Caption Contest

If you read the accompanying post, he’s given a bit of background to the cartoon and some rules for the contest.

So anyway, with probably a day1 to spare before acceptance of entries ended, just for fun, I came up with:

“Enjoy a mediocre commemoration of whatever you did this time last year.” 2

A couple o’ days later, Bearman posted his 5 favourites in a poll so readers could vote for the one that they think best suits the cartoon.

So I’m encouraging YOU to vote ’cause my entry made it in! By the way, it’s winning so far. Of course, I was surprised that my entry made it in. I was just submitting an idea ’cause I came up with it — I wasn’t hoping to win at all. Apparently, I’m “creative”.

As far as I know, you can vote once a day (more if you have access to multiple computers). Anyway, I’m not expecting to win, but I am so far, so I’m not really sure how to react. Fingers crossed!

Update 26.12.09: I won 😀

– “Keep moving forward.” – Walt Disney

1 I wasn’t sure of how much time I had left ’cause of the differences in our time zones.
2 If you don’t believe that was my entry, then click here for proof.