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bare    adj. 1. without the appropriate, usual, or natural covering; without disguise   2. basic and simple.   verb   uncover and expose it to view
bare one’s soul     reveal one’s innermost secrets and feelings to someone
heart   noun   a hollow muscular organ that pumps the blood through the circulatory system by rhythmic contraction and dilation; regarded as the center of a person’s thoughts and emotions   2. the central or innermost part of something; the vital part or essence

When I initially started blogging in 2008, it was a way to vent out frustrations about the opposite sex without being exceedingly public. Although my audience was limited only to the “friends” that were bothered to click on the blog section of my MySpace page, the microscopic amount of attention that I did get was enough to indicate how much of a reach, and therefore how much of an influence, I had or could have. I decided to use these powers for good.

Over time, my writings began to reflect the revelations that I had about life and love, with occasional posts of things that amused or interested me. My blog became a means to expose select parts of my humanity to the digital world. It became a way to share fragments of my existence with a cyber audience that might need a nudge back into their own realities.

Since my first blog post I’ve learnt a lot of lessons that I’m sure will encourage others. And I keep writing (although, I may post sporadically) because others may be going through similar things and need that nudge or push. I hope that to you my blog is more than just something nice to read, but that it provides you with a tool to “Keep moving forward.”

The author

My name is Danica. My parents moved to Sydney, Australia, about a year or two before I was born in 1989. I’ve lived here all my life.

At the moment I’m studying a Bachelor of Music at university. Ultimately, my career goal is to become a primary school music teacher. But graduation is still a couple of years away. We’ll see what happens when I get there.

I’m a born-again Christian and am a proud member of my church, Come To Jesus Church. (My church is also on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!)

I’m single but not available; the only man for me is the One who died on the cross so that I would not perish but instead have eternal life. I’m still not sure what my Heavenly Father has in store for my future, but I do know that despite my past He will love me the same. I am the light of the world, the salt of the earth, a beacon on a hill and a bearer of the Gospel.

“Keep moving forward” (a quote from Walt Disney, which I discovered in the Disney film ‘Meet The Robinsons’) has become my motto. Never look back except to learn from your mistakes. Keep pressing on despite what you’ve gone through or are going through.

Known as danineteen on the internet.

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