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June Buggy*

Oh dear! We’ve hit June, and you know what that means!

It’s the time of the year when every breathing person looks like they’re smoking whenever they’re outdoors. It’s the time of the year when it’s impossible to find a room full of silent people1. And it’s the time of the year when every one sounds like they’re wearing a peg on their nose whenever they talk.

Wikipedia says that winter, for Southern Hemisphere dwellers, begins between June 20 and 23. Does Wikipedia know that we’ve only just begun June?! Then Wikipedia says that winter ends on September 22 or 23, which is stupid, because everyone knows that September is the first month of Spring. Methinks school didn’t teach us properly. Either that, or Wikipedia is more wrong than ever.

For me, winter officially begins when it’s too cold at night to go to bed and not have my ginormous quilt covering me. This year, that was the beginning of May. It’s getting colder earlier every year, and I blame the cows for that.

To me, winter is about looking like an emo Obi-Wan, celebrating Red Nose Day every day2, going through 1 tissue box a week3, and instead of carrying a towel around, I carry a packet of tissues4. Now that I’ve got my P’s, winter’s about sitting in a cold car waiting for the back window to clear up5.

Winter’s about freezing my ass off just trying to change clothes. Winter’s about not being able to breathe through your nose so you sleep with your mouth open and wake up in the morning with a desert-dry mouth. Winter’s about going to the toilet after someone else just did (hopefully they sat) so that the toilet seat isn’t cold when you go. Winter’s about standing outside with your hands tucked under your arm pits so you don’t get frostbite on your fingers. Winter’s about shopping for scarves6 and ugg boots instead of bikinis7. Winter’s about wearing jackets with looong sleeves and people forget that you have hands. Winter’s about being hesitant to leave your bed in the morning ’cause it’s too cold to get out of bed. Winter’s about hot chocolates instead of chocolate ice cream.

I love winter. And even though I have a secret fear that I’ll get frostbite one of these days, I would never trade the fun of these cold temperatures for the world.

– “Keep moving forward.” – Walt Disney

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Comments, Jeans and Scarves

I’m finally starting to get the hang of WordPress, and there’s this thing called a “Dashboard” that basically tells you everything that’s going on. The dashboard of your car tells you your speed, the time, the radio station you’re listening to, the volume of the stereo, how much gas you have left, etc. The dashboard of WordPress tells me how many posts I have, how many comments I’ve received, how many times my blog has been viewed, the recent posts I’ve made, the recent comments I may have made on other blogs, blah blah blah.

So I logged on to to post a new blog and clicked on Dashboard in the task bar to eventually realise that I could’ve just clicked New Post right next to it, instead of going the long way as I was doing. But while I was on the Dashboard, I decided to have a look.

WordPress provides me with my blog stats – number of views per blog. And this is what I found: My most popular blog is Moving forward, with 43 views. How many comments do I have? Two. My second most popular blog was I’m still alive. I think with 19 views. Comments? Zero. Next popular? Opening up, which was my first real blog, and has 12 views and no comments.

What’s the point of me stating these facts? I thought I had like, 5 readers, 8 at the most. So, either my blogs are so good to read that my handful of readers keep coming back to them, or my blogs have been read by more people than I thought.

Why should this matter? Because I thought no one was reading my blogs. Views don’t matter to me, it’s just a number. I tried to make a pageview count on another site jump from 999 to 1000 by refreshing the page over and over, and then going back to the page later on in the day, but the following day I went to the site and it said 1001. It really pissed me off, and since then, I ignore counters. But if WordPress is telling me I’ve got so many views, then why do I feel like no one’s reading?

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I’m still alive. I think.

I haven’t blogged in over a week. That’s a long time, since I’m usually the type to blog once or twice a week. I don’t know what happened. Either it’s the hundred Facebook emails per week, or the lack of topic to blog about.

So today, I figured I’d write about anything. What’s been happening since my last blog? A heckuva lot has happened. No milestones or anything, but getting on with life has been eventful enough.

I am a very successful procrastinator, and I’ve got a couple of things that I need to get done for uni next week. I told myself I’d make the most of my one-week break, but it seems I didn’t make the most of it the way I intended. I’ve mostly played Mario Kart Wii, slept in and “cleaned” my room. I’ve come across a few things on the net that helped me procrastinate a little bit more, like certain YouTube videos (which loaded freakin’ slow because a particular someone in my house had downloaded more music than usual), and FMyLife. I reckon you should check out FMyLife. I had a few good laughs reading some entries today. Some of them were so horrible, I almost empathised for that person. Almost.

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