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Here comes the sun

Here are some photos of the sun that I’ve taken over the past several weeks that I’ve been meaning to post up.

gap in the clouds

I was in the library at uni one day doing some research and downloading some updates (taking advantage of the faster-than-at-home wi-fi :P). I can’t remember if I stood up and looked out or if I looked up at the window that was sort of hiding behind the top of the desk I was working at. But I looked out and saw this amazing image of the sun’s rays emerging from a gap in the clouds. It had been really cloudy in the recent days/weeks (it was usually forecasted to rain), and to see just a bit of sunshine brought joy to whoever saw it. I know I sound really cheesy right now, but it’s the truth. Taken with my brand new iPhone 4S, September 17 2012, 5:33PM.

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Taken on Friday March 23 at 6:58 PM. I arrived at my friend’s house in Doonside (in Sydney’s west) for connect and I parked with my car facing east. As I got out I saw the sky behind the car and just went, “Woah.” By the way, this photo does not do it justice. – […]

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