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Taken on Saturday, May 5, sometime between 5 and 6 PM. I guess by now you can probably tell that I really like sunsets. On Saturday we celebrated my brother’s twenty-first birthday with a BBQ party at the house. My sister and I were helping my mum prepare food and put up decorations, and I […]

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Second sunrise

In February we had our annual church family beach day. This is usually held on or around Australia Day (January 26, for any non-Australian readers), but due to the crazy wet weather we had this summer, the beach day had to be postponed to February 25. We went to Newport Beach for our church family bonding and water baptisms, but prior to that, three of my girlfriends and I went to the beach a little earlier to watch the sun rise.

I’m a night person and I love my sleep, but I will take any chance to go see a sunrise at the beach. On this particular day, though, it was a tad cloudy, particularly at the horizon. We arrived at Curl Curl (or was it Dee Why?) beach and found a spot on the rocks that overlooked a fishing spot. It was already quite bright—we had arrived about 15 minutes after the weather forecast said the sun was going to rise—but we couldn’t actually see the sun. Above the horizon was a strip of clouds, and behind that, the risen sun. But in a way we still got to see the sun rise because as we sat there, the sun rose from behind the clouds.

The sun's rays pouring over the top of the clouds.

The sun's rays pouring over the top of the clouds.

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Book: Two Thousand and Eleven. Chapter: February

It’s now March, the first week of a new month and new season, which means it’s time for chapter February of my Two Thousand and Eleven book!

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Previously in Two Thousand and Eleven…

We sold the only one of our family cars that I was allowed to drive, and I was left CAR-LESS.


And now, in Two Thousand and Eleven…

February 1st — I spent the day (sort of) moping because I had places to go and things to do, but I didn’t have a car to get to those places. I was gonna catch public transport but realised how expensive it would be for me without a concession card. So I had to resort to asking a friend for a lift. Then my mum came home early from work, saying she had to “pick up something”, and I assumed my dad would come home at the time my parents usually get home — an hour and a half later. I went and sat back on the couch in front of the TV. Moments later, the doorbell rings. My dad was …home? And my sister and I saw another car in the driveway. We refused to let our dad in the house until he answered our question: Is the car ours? YES! February 1st, 2011 My sister and I were literally jumping and screaming with joy. Apparently on the Saturday before when they were out buying a new vacuum cleaner, they also bought the car. It’s a brand new 4-door Toyota Yaris. I love that it has a USB connection for iPods (which I use every time I drive), a CD player (which I have yet to use), and like a million compartments (some of them, I will probably never use). The main thing I dislike about it is the speedometer — it’s digital. I’m still getting used to it, but I’d prefer to have a speedometer with a needle ’cause it’s easier to read when I’m driving.

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Book: Two Thousand and Eleven. Chapter: January

See all of the “chapters” from 2011 here.

January has ended and I realised that I have not yet written a blog post this year. So I decided that even though my Project 365 isn’t meant for the public, I’d like to share some of the highlights of the past month.

January 1st, 2011For the past several years, my family has spent New Years Eve at the house of our Senior Pastor and his family. So I decided that Photo #1 would be of the TV while the fireworks were going off at Sydney Harbour. I didn’t know that you needed to take a photo to open the film cartridge on a polaroid camera, so I sat there watching the TV waiting for the best moment to take a photo. When I found the perfect moment, I pressed the shutter button, and gasped as I realised that the “photo” coming out of the camera wasn’t even a photo. I positioned myself for the next good scene of fireworks, only to find that the fireworks had ended. So now that my film cartridge was opened, I had to settle for a photo of myself with sparklers.

January 4th, 2011January 6th, 2011

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2011 Project 365

Back in 2009, a friend brought to my attention Project 365, a way to document your year through photographs, typically starting on January 1st. I thought it was a fun idea, and though it was already September when I heard of Project 365, I took part in it anyway. Eventually, I got too lazy to take photos every day, and resolved to begin it properly on January 1st 2010. But in the chaos of New Year’s celebrations, I neglected to take a photo and, again, resolved to begin the project the next year.

A conversation with Jane led us both to decide to take part in Project 365 in 2011, both with polaroids and with notebooks made specifically for three hundred and sixty-five journal entries. Now 2010 is coming to a close, and I’m anticipating the photo I’ll take on January 1st, 2011 to kick off my Project 365. My photos will document a year of firsts, challenges and milestones both in my life and in the lives of the people that make up my world.

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