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I got quoted!

Tagging people in your notes when you complete a survey is probably effectively one of the most time consuming things that you could ever do on Facebook. If someone tags you, you’re going to want to read the whole survey ’cause you wanna know what it is they said about you. Then if you’re the type to do the survey yourself (as is customary when you’ve been tagged), you’re gonna tag all the people you mention, and then when they do the survey and tag you, you read their note, and you’re in this never ending cycle of note reading.

This was the case today. Abi tagged me in a note. I can’t remember anymore what I got tagged for. Maybe she just tagged me for no reason =P But I did the survey (I’m at uni and I was BORED), and then tagged several people, one of which was my lovely Jasmine. She completed the survey and tagged me, as well as quoted me.


My answer:

Just straight up tell them. Why you gotta try and be eloquent and romantic for.

Jasmine’s answer:

“Just straight up tell them. Why you gotta try and be eloquent and romantic for” – danica sevilla
thats the perfect answer.

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Moving forward

Something happened today that made me smile for “no apparent reason” long afterwards, and it’s made me realise that there’s more sunlight in my life than I had originally thought. So I want to share =)

I walked up the platform at Parramatta station to find a place to sit while I waited for the next train that would stop at Mount Druitt. I had to “walk down” because I wanted to get on the carriage that would stop right in front of the steps, and I wanted to sit because I had to wait a long 15 minutes. I found a place to sit, but I was hesitant because it was between a young man and a much older gentleman, and I would’ve preferred to have the whole bench to myself. Even so, I plopped my butt down between them because I didn’t know whether either of them would get on the next train or my train (the next train went Richmond way), and I didn’t want my legs to tire.

So I sat and waited for my train, listening to my iPod, with the volume high enough so I could ignore people talking around me, but low enough so if someone did start talking to me, I’d hear them. And also, I needed to be able to hear the station people on the loudspeakers. Then, out of nowhere (I make it sound so dramatic xP), the young man next to me asks whether I go to uni, while pointing at the Australasian Business Statistics: University of Western Sydney Edition textbook that sat in my lap. I answered with a timid, “Yeah,” and he asked whether I was studying Business. Once again, but with a little bit more confidence, I replied, “Yeah, I do.”

The young man then went on to ask me whether I was doing an MBA, but since I still had my headphones in my ears, I thought he said “NBA”, which made me wonder why he was suddenly talking about basketball. So I pulled out the headphone in the ear nearest to the guy, and said, “What?” How rude of me. He asked again, and since I had no idea what it was, he explained that he was doing a Masters of Business Administration. I wasn’t doing that, so I said, “No,” and told him I was doing a Bachelor of Business and Commerce. I asked if he was an international student, noticing that he had an American accent, and he confirmed my suspicion, mentioning that he was from the U.S.

I can’t remember the details of our conversation that followed, but we chatted about how he was staying in Sydney West with a host family while he was doing his Masters here, that I lived in Sydney West, and that we’d be catching the same train.

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