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You’re probably thinking ‘That’s in your state! You can easily go there!’ That’s true, but it doesn’t mean I want to go there any less than I do a country in Europe. It seems like it’s one of those beaches that don’t get very packed on really hot days. Those kinds of beaches are rare […]

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I feel like I’ve neglected this blog a little bit. I’m trying to think of some interesting things that have happened to me lately, but I realised that my life’s been as boring as watching paint dry (has anybody ever done that?).

One slightly exciting thing that has happened, though, is that two weeks ago, today, I got my green P’s!

No, not those peas.

Not those, either. But at least, the little guys look like they’re celebrating with me!

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State of Origin, Game 2, 2009

Blues home ground – ANZ Stadium

A bunch of us went to watch the game. Paid $50 for crappy/awesome seats way up back where we could see ALL the action. If we paid an extra $10, we would’ve also got a jersey, a wig and a banner thingy to wave around. Also, the number of steps we climbed would have probably been cut down by 50%.

(Check out the interactive seating plan. We sat in section 609. Click on that box, and three smaller boxes will pop up. Click on the right box, and what you’ll see is basically what’s in the photo above^.)

My favourite moment of the game was the 29th minute. Hayne scored a try. NSW’s first try of the match. NSW’s first points of the match. It was a beautiful, joyous moment, which resulted in an uproar of probably 70% of the stadium’s crowd of 80,495 (or was it 80,459?). Every Blues supporter rose to their feet, cheering wildly, as if that try was the only thing that mattered. And hey, it was the only conversion that Gidley didn’t miss that night.

At full time: Queensland 24, New South Wales 14. In my opinion, it wasn’t as bad as the first game, which I can’t remember, and Google won’t tell me (so now I can’t be bothered to search further). But it was pretty horrific before. I guess this time, it was just as horrific because firstly, it was on home ground, and secondly, WE WERE THERE.

But, it was the most fun I’ve had in a while, out. With some of the coolest people around. And I think I hurt my voice box a little. But it was worth it, and I’d SO DO IT AGAIN!

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