Stupid news?

I came across this news article today titled ‘Owner of skull urged to come forward’, and a million thoughts went through my mind.

The first was that if someone had lost their skull, they should be dead, right? Apparently not.

A human skull that washed up on a Sydney beach has police looking for its owner, who should be alive and kicking.

But that doesn’t make sense. Your skull contains your brain which controls every thing in your body. Electric impulses from the brain to your heart cause your heart to beat. So even if your heart is perfectly fine, losing your brain would mean that your heart wouldn’t be able to function. Therefore, no brain means no life. But the article insists that the person “should be alive and kicking”. Uhm… ok.

The skull is that of a child, aged between four and six…

Why on earth would the poor kid still want to be living if they had no head? How on earth would they come forward? They can’t see, hear or think, ’cause they have no eyes, ears or BRAIN.

Police were alerted when the skull washed up at the Mona Vale beachfront area known as the Basin, in Sydney’s north, on September 12 last year.

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