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I’m still alive. I think.

I haven’t blogged in over a week. That’s a long time, since I’m usually the type to blog once or twice a week. I don’t know what happened. Either it’s the hundred Facebook emails per week, or the lack of topic to blog about.

So today, I figured I’d write about anything. What’s been happening since my last blog? A heckuva lot has happened. No milestones or anything, but getting on with life has been eventful enough.

I am a very successful procrastinator, and I’ve got a couple of things that I need to get done for uni next week. I told myself I’d make the most of my one-week break, but it seems I didn’t make the most of it the way I intended. I’ve mostly played Mario Kart Wii, slept in and “cleaned” my room. I’ve come across a few things on the net that helped me procrastinate a little bit more, like certain YouTube videos (which loaded freakin’ slow because a particular someone in my house had downloaded more music than usual), and FMyLife. I reckon you should check out FMyLife. I had a few good laughs reading some entries today. Some of them were so horrible, I almost empathised for that person. Almost.

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Opening up

This morning while on my way to uni, I was listening to my iPod (as usual), and the song I’d Come For You by Nickelback started playing. I absolutely love the lyrics to that song. Just now I watched the video clip for the first time, and I fell in love with the song even more.

I finally know what just what it means to let someone in
To see the side of me that no one does or ever will

Hearing those lyrics today reminded me of a particular comic that I liked:

The Devil's Panties - 01/29/2004
The Devil's Panties - 01/30/2004

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