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Today I discovered Pinterest, a photo-sharing website stylised as “an online pinboard”. It seems to be a classy, sophisticated version of Tumblr (I think to sign up you have to be invited by a current user. This is probably the strategy to keep TB’s away). On their homepage are previews of some of the things that have been “pinned” there so far.

Here are two handfuls of my favourite images:

coraline cookies

If you click through to the original post from the one on Pinterest, you’ll find a recipe for making chocolate-covered cookie buttons! Definitely gonna try them one time.

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Taking the first step

Lately, I’ve been struggling to take the first step forward in a particular aspect of my life. I wrote in a previous blog about this desire to move forward, but I’ve since realised that not only is my courage not at the same level as my determination, but taking a step forward is not as easy as I initially thought.

I kept asking God to give me courage, and to reveal to me why I was so determined, yet so terrified. I couldn’t understand why one moment I was whispering out loud, “You can do this, Danica,” and the next moment I was in a panic and my heart was beating as if it would pop right out of my chest.

For a while now, Nickelback’s If Today Was Your Last Day has been stuck in my head, with no intention of getting out. I was listening to this song in the car, and the line “That first step you take is the longest stride” stuck out at me, while God silently whispered, Horses. I stopped dead in my tracks (not literally of course, otherwise I would’ve caused several collisions) as my curiosity was brought to an end.

Have you ever seen a newborn foal (baby horse) walk for the very first time? Being a four-legged creature, it depends a lot on its legs. It needs to learn how to walk, trot, canter and gallop, just as we need to learn how to walk, speak, read and write. Horses don’t have a way of carrying their young, like how kangaroos have pouches, so a foal has to learn how to walk pretty much as soon as it is born.

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