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Why I prefer written assessments over class presentations


– “Keep moving forward.” – Walt Disney



Dr Carmella’s Guide to Understanding the Introverted

This is me in a nutshell! Or rather, a hamster ball.

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Nedroid – B & R Webcoms


Before we go, I have to stop at the automated ATM machine… If I can remember my personal PIN number!

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– “Keep moving forward.” – Walt Disney


Buttersafe – “Cowboys”


The wild west was a little gross. – Alex

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– “Keep moving forward.” – Walt Disney


I still don’t understand why he found it so funny

Hello everyone. It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything relatively original to this blog, (7 months, actually) but I thought I’d try to get the blogging ball rolling again. Let’s start with a few updates.

For the most part of the year, I’ve been focussing on studying and getting my assessments done well before the due date. Any success? I guess so. I’ve succeeded in starting them more than a week or so before the due date, but finishing them the night before (or morning of) is a habit proving difficult to break. (If any writers of the webcomics I read are reading my blog and have noticed that I haven’t commented on your comics lately, now you know why.)

About a month ago I decided I was going to go for runs around my neighbourhood every second day. Surprisingly, I lasted about a week and a half, which is a week and a half longer than I’ve ever been able to keep up. I was quite proud of myself. I keep telling myself that I’m going to try and start again. But then I also tell myself that I’ve got a lot more assessments to work on and I need to make a study timetable of sorts so I can plan my time accordingly and set aside a particular time slot of every day to exercise. But the procrastinator that I am doesn’t want to make the timetables, physical or mental. Nor does the procrastinator in me want to put on my runners and run around for 15 minutes, and find myself gasping for breath. Oh well. We’ll see how I go.

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