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Beached Sperm whale

Sperm whales are the largest toothed whale, and the only whale larger than them is the Blue whale (my personal favourite). The most famous of Sperm whales is Moby Dick and today, another Sperm whale got to have his five minutes of fame, but not for a very good reason.

Earlier today a 13-metre, 27-tonne (one account reports it weighed “more than 30 tonnes”) injured Sperm whale got stranded on a beach in Belgium, most likely as a result of its injury. Unfortunately it died before anyone could attempt to rescue it, and the poor guy became an attraction.

The first image I saw of the whale only showed it’s tail, but the other images I saw once I clicked on the corresponding articles were actually quite gruesome and terribly heartbreaking.

A 13 metre sperm whale that died on a Belgian beach becomes a point of interest for locals.

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Narnia enthusiast

My excitement and anticipation for the cinema release of the new Narnia movie in 2 weeks made me want to watch both the already-released movies today. But I was a bit hesitant to watch Prince Caspian because they changed and/or excluded so many things from the book. Anyway, I watched them both, and it was only halfway through Prince Caspian that I started to feel tired from having been on my feet for several hours while I did the ironing.

I remember watching a BBC production of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in primary school, and I remember it mimicking the book really closely. To my knowledge, they did more than just the one movie, so I went on a Google-hunt to find out whether it was available for sale anywhere so that I could buy it.

Here it is:

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‘Dad dies just hours before son’s birth’

On Facebook and on Twitter, I’ve posted links to some pretty gruesome news articles. Always of different things – people getting slaughtered, animals getting slaughtered, etc., but I would have to say that when I came across this article, it exceeded all levels of grisliness for me.

A British man hours away from becoming a new father dropped dead in the maternity ward as his fiancée went into labour.

Dave Robertson, 21, was said to be “immensely excited” about the impending arrival when he collapsed suddenly at the hospital in Swindon, west England, on August 7.

Doctors were unable to resuscitate Mr Robertson and he died a short time later.

A post-mortem failed to determine the cause of death.

Mr Robertson’s fiancée Sharon Phillips gave birth to a healthy boy, Sam, just 10 hours after the call centre worker was pronounced dead.

The man’s grief-stricken father Ken Robertson said his son had taken joy in picking out toys and clothes for the baby before the birth.

“He was a big lad known as ‘Big Dave’ and had no health problems … he was very much a gentle giant,” Ken Robertson told the Swindon Advertiser.

“He was immensely excited about becoming a new dad.”

Friends have paid tribute to popular call centre worker in a Facebook group titled “RIP Dave Robertson”.

Ms Phillips was among those who posted messages on the site.

“I miss you so much, can’t believe how much Sam looks like you, I love you so much,” she wrote.

“Let’s hope our boy touches as many lives as you have, it’s not fair, God only takes the best.”

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Stupid news?

I came across this news article today titled ‘Owner of skull urged to come forward’, and a million thoughts went through my mind.

The first was that if someone had lost their skull, they should be dead, right? Apparently not.

A human skull that washed up on a Sydney beach has police looking for its owner, who should be alive and kicking.

But that doesn’t make sense. Your skull contains your brain which controls every thing in your body. Electric impulses from the brain to your heart cause your heart to beat. So even if your heart is perfectly fine, losing your brain would mean that your heart wouldn’t be able to function. Therefore, no brain means no life. But the article insists that the person “should be alive and kicking”. Uhm… ok.

The skull is that of a child, aged between four and six…

Why on earth would the poor kid still want to be living if they had no head? How on earth would they come forward? They can’t see, hear or think, ’cause they have no eyes, ears or BRAIN.

Police were alerted when the skull washed up at the Mona Vale beachfront area known as the Basin, in Sydney’s north, on September 12 last year.

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