I wanna grow old with you

Tuesday 18 November 2008 @ 9:40 PM

Current mood: pleased

On the bus ride home today from Blacktown, I saw the cutest, most romantic thing. I’m going to describe what I saw as well as I can, and hopefully it’ll make you smile as it made me smile.

We stopped at a stop (orly?) and I noticed quite a few people were getting up to dismount at this stop (a bit redundant xP). I was sitting on the left side of the bus, and as I looked out the window, I watched an elderly man feebly step off the bus. He was carrying 2 bags, probably after having been shopping at Westpoint. He placed them on the ground, only to pick one up again to hang off his shoulder. After doing this, he picked up the other bag with his other hand with a firm grip, as if he was getting prepared for a long trek back to his house.

But even though the elderly man had gotten off the bus, there was still a line forming down the bus aisle. As I sat there wondering why people were still taking ages to get off, an elderly woman, looking more frail than the elderly man, hopped off the bus. The man turned to reach out his free hand to her (remember the bag was hanging off this shoulder) to assist her in alighting the bus. I instantly assumed they were an old married couple, and while thinking this I saw the man take his hat off his head and place it on the woman’s head. I thought that was a sweet gesture, as it was sprinkling, and he probably wanted to shade his wife from the rain with the closest alternative to an umbrella.

Then the man grabbed the woman’s handbag – which appeared to be pretty light because the woman was swinging it around quite a bit, but it seemed he wanted to carry it for her – and he began walking down the footpath. I couldn’t help but smile at this sweet scene, and the words “I wanna grow old with you” were given a whole new meaning. Instead of thinking of it as “I want to be with you until we’re old and fragile and have grandchildren” I now see it as “When we were young, I married you because I knew you were the other half of me that I was missing. And even now that we’re old, I’ll still be taking care of you.”