Tuesday 30 September 2008 @ 3:47 PM

Current mood: contemplative

I would’ve written this blog AGES ago, but I find that illustrations help to illustrate my point a LOT better.

Good thing I found this today.

It’s amazing how much people can learn from the media. I think I’ve learnt more about love, life, relationships and health through media than I have from school and the people that I do life with. And then kids start doing what the TV told them to, the parents blame media, and the people who make the movies and write the scripts and whatever blame the demand of the viewers – “It’s what they want to see. I’m just giving them what they want.”

Kinda reminds me of Jack Johnson’s Cookie Jar;

I don’t know what to else to write, except that the more I watch TV, listen to the radio, read magazines (which I don’t usually do anyway) and watch movies, the more I want to stay away from it. They keep telling me things that I don’t want or need to know, showing me things I don’t want to see, telling me things I don’t want to hear, promoting things that I know I can live without.

Quite frustrating, really.

But then you think about how much of your life would be different if you stopped paying attention to all media. For one thing, you wouldn’t be aware of a lot of the REAL issues that are affecting the world today. I’m not talking about whether Brangelina or TomKat are breaking up or not. I’m referring to the upcoming US Presidential election, or the fact that our Prime Minister is allegedly spending WAY too much time overseas. Or have you heard that our economy is close to the brink of depression (or, the US economy – it doesn’t really matter, because whatever happens to them happens to us).

Should I get rid of the TV or not?