My dream

Friday 18 July 2008 @ 4:49 PM

Current mood: confused

Well, I’m feeling like my face is burning up right now. I’m a total idiot and I’m sure there are plenty of people who agree with me.

Anyway, what was my dream last night?

Well, for some reason I was in LA. Yes. Los Angeles. I’ve been wanting to go there for ages now. I don’t know if the place I was in actually exists in LA or anywhere for that matter, but, you know how when you dream you’re some place, you just know where you are? It was like that.

I’m by myself in this busy city. By the way, I hate busy city life. Can’t stand it. But this time, I was OK, and it was as if I was just walking from TAFE to the train station – a normal event, so I was technically in my comfort zone. And I was walking through some sort of Chinatown thing, except everyone was Filo. I was in Filo-town? Haha! I have no idea. But it was a Filipino Chinatown. Filo people everywhere and it was noisy and not as squashy as Chinatown, but just as packed.

So, I’m walking through crowds of little Filipino people who aren’t quite as little as some Chinese people are, so they were all my height-ish… Ha. Yeah. I have a drink in one hand, something similar to Boost or whatever. And trying to get through a really packed crowd, trying to get out to the main road so I can cross to try and get to my destination. Whatever it was. It seems I was looking for him. I was trying to get out of Filotown to get a hold of some public transport maybe so I could go to his house and, like, see him.

I’ve finally got myself out of the crowd and I’m crossing the road now. I start heading left, ’cause apparently I know where I’m going. Like I’m just walking down the streets of Mount Druitt or Hassall Grove or something. And as I step onto the path on the other side of the street, the crowd clears a little, and I’ve finally got enough armspace. I stretch my arms out a little (because apparently when I was crossing the road there wasn’t enough armspace for me to do so), and as soon as I put my arms back down, I look up to see another huge, packed crowd walking towards me. GAH. Why does that always happen! Once again I’m struggling to get through a hundred bodies just to get to wherever I’m getting to. I look up to make sure I’ve got the right heading and I’m not walking blindly. And who do I see? Surprisingly, I see this family. Not quite a family. But these 2 guys that use to go to Bethel when I was there. Ryan and Alex Ball. Bethel people – remember them? Odd I should see them, or remember them. I don’t know what they look like now, though. I haven’t seen them in years. But when I saw them, I just knew it was them. They were with their family, I think. And another person. Him. Yeah. Him. He wasn’t just walking next to them. He was actually WITH them. I’m not sure what that connection’s meant to mean…

Anyway, I see him and I KNOW it’s him. And I’m wondering What the hell is he doing here and with them? Suddenly he starts to turn his head to look straight ahead, ’cause who walks and doesn’t look ahead? And I happen to be directly in front of him. I panic, look away, and begin to veer left towards the road so I can cross again. But we happen to be near an intersection and a crossing, so at least I can cross safely =]

I get out of the crowd and onto the street, I’m sipping away at my drink and looking around as if I was going to cross the road anyway. And like a movie, the picture pans out so that the vision I can see is of me in the foreground, pretending to mind my own business, and in the background I can see him suddenly realise who it was that just crossed the road and jump up to try and call out my name to get my attention. But I’m in the city. And it’s way too loud for me to hear him…

So yes. What on earth was that about?