Still rubbing the “magic” lamp

Monday 07 July 2008 @ 12:31 AM

I wanted to change my profile page today, but I really liked this little thing that I wrote.

Sometimes, I wish I was a kid again.
I’ll watch them play, and they seem so carefree.
Nothing to worry about except why Barbie’s head fell off
after she tried brushing the knots out of her hair today,
or why the wheel on his Tonka truck won’t turn
even though he put glue on the screw to put the wheel back on.

History behind it: Jomee and I were commenting each other frequently, and one night (I’m not sure what were talking about then, but I know I was really down) I “made up” this metaphorical allegory type thing. Ha. Shows you how well I did in English doesn’t it? So yeah, anyway. It’s pretty self-explanatory. I just wanted to share it in a blog, since no one seemed to ever pay attention to it when it was on my page. And now, I want to change the crap on my page. Might as well keep some memory of it huh?