Oh, the “ironing”! – a tirade

Monday 12 May 2008 @ 7:20 PM

Current mood: angsty

So… I did the ironing today. That’s not what this is about though. But let’s talk about a few irrelevant things for a while, shall we? XD

I’m craving Doritos with a sour cream/salsa/shredded chesse dip! But we dont have Doritos. So I had to settle for Jatz (Baked, not fried!)

I’m also craving fried chicken… yuummm… (Fried, not baked!)

I seem to be in a really high and ecstatic mood lately. I dont know what’s gotten into me. Could be mood swings? But I’m not meant to be on my period any time soon. (Sorry guys, but it’s a fact of life. Girls will talk about their menstruation cycle from time to time. And it’s better if you know when it’s coming anyway. You don’t wanna be in a girl’s way when she’s got PMS.)

So anyways, I wanted to write a blog tonight to talk about random things that I’ve heard on the news lately. Apparently, the Aussie dollar became a little bit weaker today, but is it? o_O We determine the strength of our currency to the US dollar, but I also heard sometime earlier this year that the US was supposedly on the brink of an economic depression…

Speaking of the economy, while I was ironing, I overheard our PM (Mr Rudd) on the news saying something about Australia’s economy [possibly] enduring an “economic hangover”. HA! *laughs like Mrs Krabappel from the Simpsons* Good one Prime Minister. And I think news reporters these days try to combat other people’s humour, because the news reporter at the time then said something along the lines of, “We must do everything we can to avoid this ‘economic hangover’ by making our economy sober'” Yeah, ok. Does that mean our politicians are drunk?

What else has been on the news lately…?

Oh yeah. This is what I really wanted to write about.

You might’ve heard a few weeks or months back about the woman who hadn’t seen her father for something like 30 years because of her parents’ separation while she was still young, and when she finally saw him again after all this time, they both fell in love with each other. They’ve had intercourse on several occasions, and as a result, she’s fallen pregnant twice. The first child died because of a heart defect. The woman – Jenny – denies that the child’s heart defect occurred as a result of her incestuous relationship with her biological father, and says that the heart defect could be found on any newborn baby, whether it was a result of an incestuous relationship or not. Well, hel-LO! The first baby was and IS a result of an incestuous relationship. Don’t deny that the heart defect was a result of it.

So anyways, they have a second child now; a seemingly perfectly healthy baby girl. I personally feel sorry for the kid. I mean, you often hear stories of children growing up in abusive families but believing from deep within their soul that there IS love and peace somewhere in the world, and they can one day attain it. So what if this girl grows up knowing deep within her soul that she was the result of a very wrong act, the outcome of illegal actions between “two consenting adults” who are biologically father and daughter? She might grow up with torment from fellow students or something. Yes, school bullying is actually pretty bad. You can do it without knowing it. I was bullied in high school by my own friends. I forgive them. But let’s not go into that.

During the past 3 weeks, the world was informed of the story of Austrian man Josef Fritzl (I reckon he has a pretty scary face) who admitted to having sexual fantasies about his own mother as a child, prepared a sort of dungeon in the old cellar beneath his house from when his daughter Elisabeth was still young, then pretty much kidnapped her around the time that she was planning to run away from home anyway (around age 18, I think), then kept her locked up in that dungeon to sexually abuse her and apparently recreate the family that he had created with his own wife. She fell pregnant seven times (same number of children that Josef and his wife had), but one of the babies died. Three were left in the cellar with their mother and have animal-like behaviours. The other 3 were brought up by their father/grandfather and their grandmother/stepmum(?) up on the “surface”. Josef told his wife they were adopted. I’m gonna have to assume that the kids were “adopted” as babies, otherwise having any recollection of their real mother and the dungeon would’ve resulted in an information leak.

Josef was found out because the eldest child, Kerstin at 19, had multiple organ failure and was rushed to hospital. She’s on life support now. It got a bit suss that some girl virtually came out of nowhere, and well, you know what happened. In this article, Josef is quoted as saying, “If it weren’t for me, Kerstin wouldn’t be alive today.” Yes, that’s very true, you incestuous monster. .. If your corrupt mind wasn’t so corrupt in the first place, the course of events that led you to take your daughter captive and cause her to fall pregnant would never have happened, and Kerstin would never have been born! But I guess, everything happens for a reason. I just honestly don’t see why things have to happen in certain ways. It’s just not right.

I thought this article was interesting. It shows an almost 3D map of the house and the cellar beneath, and basically gives you an insight into the story, if you don’t know any of it.

Well. You might be wondering why I spent so much time on these two very disgusting stories of incest. Well, unbelievably, they now have a somewhat tangible link between them. Jenny reckons Josef should be imprisoned for life. She says, “This is the reason incest laws are there and the reason they need to stay there.” Ok? .. Girl, those laws are here in Australia, too! So why shouldn’t you and your dad be arrested? Because, “We were consenting adults … in our situation there was no grooming, no lead up and no victim.” Riiight… Of course. But, you’ve had children with someone who’s biologically related to you. And that’s defined as incest. And as Australians, you are subject to Australian law. And Australian law says that incest is illegal. Hey. A crime is a crime.

But then the article goes on to say that Jenny and her father, John, went public about their relationship to make it known to society that there IS genetic sexual attraction. HOLD UP! .. So, because you and your father are both consenting adults, it’s ok for you to continue your sexual relationship, but Josef, who was somewhat sexually attracted to his daughter should go to prison for life? That doesn’t quite make sense. Ok, so HE committed assault and whatnot. But then shouldn’t you be on his side? Woman, you confuse me. But I think I’ve confused myself, too. I think I’ll wrap this up without a conclusion. But it’s ok, because I only wrote this blog to ramble and put my thoughts to paper, or screen, more like.

I’m out.