I watched YouTube videos and wrote a blog as a break from typing up essays

by Danica

Some days when I’m at the library I don’t even do anything related to uni. I just watch some YouTube videos. Also, last week we got a new internet plan at home so it’s faster and I can actually watch YouTube vids at home. Here are a few videos and songs that I’ve discovered in the past few months that I enjoyed.

“The Beat” by Ben Rector. It’s a catchy song with a head-boppin’ beat.

One Direction parody “No Direction”.

“Prophe-cy Prophe-2!” by SkinnyMinnies.

“I Like Trains” song from the asdf movie series.

Look up asdf movie on YouTube. Make sure it’s been uploaded by TomSka. Alternatively, you could click on this link to TomSka’s asdf movie playlist.

“Don’t Turn Out The Lights” by NKOTBSB.

New Kids On The Block and the Backstreet Boys teamed up as a supergroup last year and have just finished a world tour. I saw them in concert here in Sydney a few weeks ago. They’ve only got one new song that’s performed by the supergroup, which is this one; the rest are their own New Kids and BSB classic hits from the 80s, 90s and early naughties.

Mr Toast strolling along.

Perfect walking music.

Part 1 of Space Face, the last Eddisode made by Edd Gould.

My favourite part occurs at 3:06.

“Zip It”, a Bonds ad promoting the latest in babywear.

At 0:03 is a baby that looks just like I did when I was approximately that age. It’s also dancing how I imagine I would’ve danced, judging from the stories my parents have told me.

Hope you enjoyed that. Back to assessments for me.

– “Keep moving forward.” – Walt Disney