Goodbye Edd(sworld)

by Danica

Eddsworld is one of my favourite things to follow online. I think I first discovered Eddsworld animations on Newgrounds, forgot about it, then rediscovered it many, many months later on NG and also YouTube.

Edd Gould, the creator of basically all things Eddsworld, has a certain style that’s different from other online “entertainers”, if you could call them that. I haven’t been following his stuff from the beginning, but I guess after being a fan and avid follower after three or four years you realise how unique his work is and then tend to appreciate it more. I guess that’s what I enjoyed most about his cartoons and once-weekly comics—unique creativity and plots, fresh jokes, and peculiar-but-ordinary characters. (Anyone that follows me on any of my online sites would have seen me post something about Eddsworld at least once or twice. I’ve even got a link on my links page to the site.)

Some time last year I learned that Edd had leukaemia and had to be hospitalised in order to undergo chemotherapy and other treatments. Because of his hospitalisation he had to sort of put Eddsworld on hiatus, but did manage to release a few more animations, known as “Eddisodes”.

Due to my overall busyness and the slow speed of my internet connection, I sort of gave up watching online videos at home, which was a big sacrifice for me because I was subscribed to a lot of YouTube channels. In order to be able to catch up easily, I get email notifications from YouTube about new uploads by the channels I follow. While at uni today, I saw in my inbox “eddsworld just uploaded a video”. I decided to put off watching it till the mid-sem break.

Tonight I was browsing my Twitter timeline and saw @drewmo‘s tweets:

Goodbye Edd(sworld)

I had to read the first-posted tweet (the bottom one) probably three times just to let it sink in. And then it hit me that the guy was my age. MY age. Well, I’m 22 so he’s a year older than me, but still, my point is that Edd wasn’t old. He was a young guy who literally had his whole life ahead of him. As far as I know, he was only really starting out in his career as an animator (I don’t know for sure, so don’t quote me).

I didn’t know the guy personally, but once the information had sunk and processed I suddenly felt a huge loss, as if my own personal friend had just passed away. I even shed some tears. Not to take this too far, but it was like something in my heart broke. Like I said, I didn’t know Edd personally—I was only a fan that admired his work from afar—but I honestly thought he’d beat the cancer and he’d get released from hospital and continue making Eddisodes and making people laugh and writing more “Holy ____ on a ____” variations (see Eddisode “Hammer and Fail”, for example).

Edd Gould, 1988-2012
“Edd may be gone but his world will keep on spinning.” ❤

I really wanted to share some of my favourite Eddsworld-related links, including videos, comics, drawings, and journals. But unfortunately, it's really late here and I need to wake up early for school. Next time I get the chance to, I'll write a post with a bunch of links. In the meantime, check out the Eddsworld site, as well as any of Edd's other sites. (**WARNING** I think the site’s having some malware problems, and I believe it’s been having problems for a while now.)
…more sites are mentioned in the video.

– “Keep moving forward.” – Walt Disney