Emperor penguins are huge!

by Danica

I was doing some background research on the seven continents this evening and while skimming through the Wikipedia article on Antarctica, I saw a picture of Emperor penguins. I’ve always been interested in Emperor penguins ever since I learnt that they were the tallest penguins. So when I saw the aforementioned photo, I thought to myself, How tall can they actually get? So I clicked through to the relevant article and discovered that they can reach heights of 122 centimetres/48 inches/4 feet! That’s friggin’ tall! I’m 5 feet. Imagine a penguin nearly as tall as me! That’s both a frightening and exciting thought.

So anyway, I skimmed down the Emperor penguin article page just looking at photos, hoping there would be a photo of a human next to an Emperor penguin. And I found one! The penguin wasn’t an adult, though, but a baby penguin is the next best thing.


Can you believe your eyes! That’s just a baby! That’s Mumble from Happy Feet! That’s one huuuge bird!

Further up the page from this photo was evidence that there are Emperor penguins in captivity! I always thought (I don’t know why) that there weren’t any! And now I know that there are some in Melbourne Aquarium. Melbourne! Now I have another reason to go there besides Michael Paynter.

UPDATE: Further research has revealed to me that there might not actually be any Emperor penguins at Melbourne Aquarium at the moment. On their website they only mention King and Gentoo penguins. King and Emperor penguins look similar. Maybe the person who uploaded the photo captioned “Emperor Penguin swimming in the Melbourne Aquarium” on Wikipedia was misinformed. Either way, I’d love to do this Penguin Passport tour.

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