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Month: January, 2012

One year

This morning I had to go to the RTA to renew my car’s registration, and it occurred to me that I’ve already had my car for a year. A year.

February 1st, 2011

Cherry Bomb aka Reddy

Those who’ve been following my blog for a while might recognise the above photo. It was my Project 365 photo from February 1st last year, the day I got my car. So much has happened between now and then with regards to my car and yet it feels like I only got it a few months ago. Some people reckon it still has its new car smell.

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Emperor penguins are huge!

I was doing some background research on the seven continents this evening and while skimming through the Wikipedia article on Antarctica, I saw a picture of Emperor penguins. I’ve always been interested in Emperor penguins ever since I learnt that they were the tallest penguins. So when I saw the aforementioned photo, I thought to myself, How tall can they actually get? So I clicked through to the relevant article and discovered that they can reach heights of 122 centimetres/48 inches/4 feet! That’s friggin’ tall! I’m 5 feet. Imagine a penguin nearly as tall as me! That’s both a frightening and exciting thought.

So anyway, I skimmed down the Emperor penguin article page just looking at photos, hoping there would be a photo of a human next to an Emperor penguin. And I found one! The penguin wasn’t an adult, though, but a baby penguin is the next best thing.

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