BSB are coming to town!

by Danica

Earlier this year (or maybe towards the end of last year), the Backstreet Boys announced they were teaming up New Kids On The Block. Then they announced that they were gonna do a world tour together. For months I’ve been waiting for an email to appear in my inbox that announced that BSB would be coming to Australia.

Today was that day.


I have never, ever been so excited to see an email in my inbox. “NKOTBSB is Coming to Australia!” the subject line read. So I opened the email and instead of reading the email word by word as I normally would, I scrolled down for what I was waiting for…






I don’t even know if I’ll be going or whether I’ll be able to (since I don’t know yet what uni’s gonna be like next year), but I definitely want to! And even if I do, I’m most likely gonna get crap seats. PLUS, it’s not even the BSB that I like. I YouTubed a NKOTBSB song once, and I hated it. It sounded like autotune was the dominant instrument.

I hope that each group does a couple of their own songs. If I get to see BSB perform live, that’ll totally make my night.

Oh, and if I get to see Nick Carter in person. 😉

– “Keep moving forward.” – Walt Disney