Ask me anything

by Danica

If I have any faithful readers who are wondering why I haven’t posted in a couple of months, or why I haven’t yet posted chapters March through May of my book, Two Thousand and Eleven, I’d just like to let you know that I’m still alive and I apologise for letting anyone down. I’ll eventually get around to posting the highlights of my Project 365 from March, April and May; university assessments just got to be kinda heavy and took a lot of my time.

Hands up if you’ve heard of Formspring!? (I’ve mentioned Formspring on this blog before). I’m not really sure how to explain Formspring without making it sound like a waste of time, so here’s a paragraph from their About page:

Formspring encourages people to find out more about each other in a simple and fun way. It starts by directly asking people original questions in anticipation of their entertaining or revealing responses. Responses can range from straightforward to surprising and can lead to understanding something more about the people you know or find interesting. Whether you are curious to know more about a college you are applying to, the movies your friend likes, or the stories of someone you respect, on Formspring, you can have fun, share insights, and relate to one another in a new way.

I find it mostly fun, but I’ve come across a few weirdos.

Facebook asks you “What’s on your mind?” Twitter asks you “What’s happening?” (It used to ask “What are you doing?”) But since the purpose of Formspring is for other people to ask you questions, they instead order you to “Ask me anything”. So when I joined Formspring, I decided to take this quite literally and began asking people whatever popped into my head. At one point, I decided to ask a bunch of people that I was following a really vague question, just to see what kind of clever responses I could get. This is what they said:

Do you like stuff?

I then disappeared from Formspring for a while and when I came back, one particular question stuck to my mind one day, so I decided to go on a quest to find the answer to:

Batman or Superman, and why?

So I surfed Formspring and asked a bunch of different people this question. I asked people I knew, acquaintances, online friends, online “celebrities” and random people whose pages I came across in my hunt for an answer. I first asked this question in February; now, 4 months and forty plus responses later, here are my results:

Batman or Superman, and why?

Eventually, I decided I wanted to ask an even more random question and came up with:

Do you like to wear shoes?

After months of questioning and reading responses, I’ve come to the conclusion that a lot of people on Formspring just don’t get the concept of the site. It’s not a social networking site like Facebook or Twitter. It’s a completely new and different concept that doesn’t even require you to have a friendship with the people you connect with. I guess that’s the fun of it; not having any obligation to anyone and just enjoying being random.

If you want to see all the answers mentioned above, I’ve created a page for them all: Formspring [*]

So if you want to join the fun, you can create an account on Formspring and throw some questions at me! Or if you don’t want to create an account, you can head on over to my page and ask questions anonymously. And please, ask me anything1.

[UPDATE 12.06.2011] I discovered that some of the links didn’t even go anywhere (my bad), but I guess no one tried any of them. Don’t worry, I’ve fixed them now. [/UPDATE]
* [UPDATE 05.02.2013] I won’t be using Formspring anymore, so I’ve deleted the pages on this blog that collated my favourite responses. You may find some links in this post will either take you back to the homepage, or revert you to this post. However, I’m leaving my Formspring account as it is; I just won’t be accessing it anymore. [/UPDATE]

– “Keep moving forward.” – Walt Disney


1 I’ll only answer fun and creative questions. Rude and stupid questions will be ignored and deleted.2
2 Definitions of “fun”, “creative”, “rude” and “stupid” are subjective.