Book: Two Thousand and Eleven. Chapter: February

by Danica

It’s now March, the first week of a new month and new season, which means it’s time for chapter February of my Two Thousand and Eleven book!

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Previously in Two Thousand and Eleven…

We sold the only one of our family cars that I was allowed to drive, and I was left CAR-LESS.


And now, in Two Thousand and Eleven…

February 1st — I spent the day (sort of) moping because I had places to go and things to do, but I didn’t have a car to get to those places. I was gonna catch public transport but realised how expensive it would be for me without a concession card. So I had to resort to asking a friend for a lift. Then my mum came home early from work, saying she had to “pick up something”, and I assumed my dad would come home at the time my parents usually get home — an hour and a half later. I went and sat back on the couch in front of the TV. Moments later, the doorbell rings. My dad was …home? And my sister and I saw another car in the driveway. We refused to let our dad in the house until he answered our question: Is the car ours? YES! February 1st, 2011 My sister and I were literally jumping and screaming with joy. Apparently on the Saturday before when they were out buying a new vacuum cleaner, they also bought the car. It’s a brand new 4-door Toyota Yaris. I love that it has a USB connection for iPods (which I use every time I drive), a CD player (which I have yet to use), and like a million compartments (some of them, I will probably never use). The main thing I dislike about it is the speedometer — it’s digital. I’m still getting used to it, but I’d prefer to have a speedometer with a needle ’cause it’s easier to read when I’m driving.

The last week of January and the first week of February were the HOTTEST weeks of this summer. February 2nd, 2011 It was so hot that my family didn’t bother leaving the air-conditioned living room on Australia Day. It was so hot that loaves of bread in the pantry that we had just bought a day or two before were growing mould. And it was so hot that huge electric fans had to be set up in unit 6 at church while my connect was setting up for Raise that Friday. They’re about 1.5m in diameter and when they’re switched on, even on the lowest setting, the wind they create might as well be from a storm brewing outside.

My connect group’s task for AOF this month was to create an activity, with Christian as our point person. February 3rd, 2011 Her idea was to transform unit 6 into a maze that would require you to crawl through the passages in the (almost) dark. It was really fun to make, and though you can’t see it well in the picture, it was pretty challenging to complete. Well, the half that we made challenging on purpose, but no one went that way! We intentionally made it so that one path was more difficult but the “correct” way, and the other path was easier but the “wrong” way.

On the 5th one of my good friends from my senior years at school got married! February 5th, 2011 I’ve never met her now-husband before, and they only got engaged last year, but it was really exciting to see one of my school friends get married. She’s not the first from our grade, but a wedding is still a pretty big event in anyone’s life. The ceremony was different to what I’m used to, but then every wedding ceremony I’ve ever been to has incorporated Filipino traditions into it. So, congratulations to Steve and Liz! May your marriage be lifelong and forever strong (woah, that rhymed!).

I completed one of the ‘firsts’ that I mentioned in my introductory blog post for this Project — I attended my first concert! And what better way to kick off my concert-going than by seeing Michael Bublé!

Michael Buble concert ticket

Michael Buble concert ticket

My friend Jasmine bought three tickets for us and a friend all the way back in June 2010, so we’ve been waiting for this concert for eight months. Zaion, a sister of a mutual friend from high school, joined us for the concert and the three of us travelled to Acer Arena at Olympic Park in style in my new Toyota Yaris 😉 Naturally 7 opened for Michael, performing in a style they call “vocal play”, which is similar to a capella, but instead of singing without instruments, they become the instruments themselves. (Watch this video of them performing Wall of Sound, an original song that they performed fabulously that night.) February 17, 2011 Then Michael himself was pretty spectacular. To hear his recordings is one thing; to see him perform live and engage with the crowd, to see his band faithfully and flawlessly accompany him song after song, and to see Michael genuinely enjoy entertaining an enormous crowd was another. Whenever he took a break from singing to talk, he was so down to earth and so friggin’ hilarious! He even imitates the Aussie accent so well, you’d think that the whole Canadian thing was a facade.

February 19th, 2011My cousin got married on the 19th. This was the first wedding of which I also attended the reception, and I had a blast. They got married at St Mary’s Catholic Church in Sydney, had photos with all the guests on the stairs of the Sydney Opera House (“Monumental Stairs”), and then we all headed to the back part of the Opera House where a huge marquee was set up for the reception dinner. Quoting what I wrote in my 365 Days notebook: “The food was amazingly delicious!”


February birthdays

January 29th, 2011February 11th, 2011February 13th, 2011February 27th, 2011

James “Chunky” turned 21, but actually celebrated his birthday on the last weekend of January since his birthday is at the beginning of the month. We celebrated Dot’s 22nd birthday at connect but she came to connect really tired, so both times that we brought her cake and her present to her, she was asleep. LOL. Dennis, one of our awesome Raise leaders, who celebrates his birthday on the same day as Dot, turned 21, and we threw him a huge gangsta-themed surprise party. Another one of our awesome Raise leaders, Ate Shelah, turned 25, and we also surprised her but with a Hawaiian-themed party. (There was one more surprise party thrown for Robi on the same day as my cousin’s wedding. Surprise parties are starting to become common in GFRESH circles.)

– “Keep moving forward.” – Walt Disney