I’m guilty

by Danica

All rise.
Case number seven-seven-seven-five-two.
Defendant KJ-52 versus the Son of God in Murder One.
How do you plead?

Guilty as charged.

Do you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?

I do.

Then go ahead.

I solemnly swear to tell the truth,
the whole truth, and nothing but the truth now,
so help me God.
What I testify and what I’m speaking of is an
eyewitness account of an experience of a kind of love.
I confess now to what I was.
I was guilty of making the very Son of God now shed His blood
and I was guilty of the reason now why He was hung
and I’m guilty for every evil thing that I have done.

I’m guilty for it all. I can’t blame no one.
I’m filthy with what caused the death of the Son.
It kills me to think I was the one who shed His blood.
I still think of the way He died now and how it was.
It feels me with pain inside. I feel like throwing up.
I can’t escape, I can’t lie, I didn’t make it up.
I was the only one who took the life of the Holy One.
This is the first time I’ve confessed now to what I’ve done.

I’m guilty, guilty.
That’s right, I’m guilty.
God forgive me, I’m guilty.
You know what? I’m guilty!

Yeah that’s right, I did it.
Right out in the open for all to see
and I never hid it, I got to admit it.
They took the whip, ripped His back wide open and split it.
I heard Him cry every time they pulled it back and hit it.
I wondered why He was silent now, I didn’t get it.
I watched Him die while He cried out now, “It is finished”.
I Thought nobody would find out the crime that I’ve committed.
I tried to hide out, it’s too late, that’s right I did this.

It’s my time now, my own eyes have been a witness
to my crime. Now I’m speechless and I’m defenseless.
Can anybody find out, it’s obvious that this is
my final time. Now I’ve finally come to my senses.
I’ma climb down and take whatever I’m sentenced.
I know why now there’s no way now that I could miss this.
I opened my eyes, now I see Him just for who He is. This…
My guilt is mine now, it’s so obvious that

I’m guilty.
God forgive me, I’m guilty!
I’m guilty.
That’s right, I’m guilty.
So guilty.

I’m just another person, just another man.
I was the one that hurt Him, I finally understand.
Now I know for certain I caused the nails to land
that left Him dead and murdered, pierced in feet and hands.

So now you’ve heard it, I testified and I took the stand.
No other way I could word it, this is my confession and,
I never lied or purgured, I told just the best I can.
But, I was the one that cursed Him, I was the trigger man.
The page is turning and I’ve now just confessed to this.
I didn’t kill Christ, but it was just my sin that did.
Now I’ve confessed to the crime, I don’t deserve to live.
I’m ready to do my time. All that I can say is

I’m guilty.
God forgive me, I’m guilty!
I don’t deserve to live, I’m guilty!
Take me away, I’m guilty.
I’m guilty!

Case number seven-seven-seven-five-two.
KJ-52 versus the Son of God in Murder One.
The court has found you guilty as charged.
However, after further review of the case,
the prosecution has dropped the charges.
You’re free to go.

I’m Guilty by KJ-52

– “Keep moving forward.” – Walt Disney