‘Artist’s impossible pictures a big hit’

by Danica

I was going through some of the links I had bookmarked in Chrome*, and I came across this ninemsn photo gallery featuring some amazing artwork.

A country path appears to morph into fabric in this piece. (www.alltelleringet.com)

A man irons his clothes – while wearing them at the same time. (www.alltelleringet.com)

A waterside painting gushes liquid over a surprised art lover. (www.alltelleringet.com)

Roadworks suddenly become a giant game of noughts and crosses. (www.alltelleringet.com)

A clumsy man’s hands smash into pieces – while the vase survives. (www.alltelleringet.com)

Another man’s face crumples like a pillow after taking a punch. (www.alltelleringet.com)

When I first came across these photos on ninemsn, their style looked so familiar, and I was sure I had seen something similar or exactly the same on deviantART. So when I rediscovered the link in my Chrome bookmarks today, I decided to search through my favourites on dA to find the deviation that resembled the photos in the ninemsn gallery.

Several pages of favourites later, I found it:

Vertical turn

Turns out they’re all by the same artist. The world wide web doesn’t seem so wide now.

The guy who shoots and digitally manipulates these photos is a Swedish artist named Erik Johansson. If you decide to have a look through his dA gallery, also have a read of the description below each individual photo. The stories behind some of those artworks are interesting. For example, Vertical turn is “made out of 3 different photos taken from 3 different heights”. Heaven Express is made from photos taken six months apart. Planet Sweden, which you should definitely go have a look at, is made up of 24 panoramic images.

Here are a few others from his gallery that I especially like:

Fishy island

Melting point

Reflective cubes


anlagd oversvamning

Work on the sea


There’s plenty more on his site that aren’t on dA. Go have a look.

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* If I bookmark something in Chrome, it means I enjoyed what I saw, and it’s actually worth having a look at again. If I bookmark it in any other web browser, I intend to have a look at it later, but I usually don’t. Not that any of that matters to anyone.