Laughing in a deserted bathroom

by Danica

I’m just gonna go and throw a whole lot of different things into this post to avoid flooding your RSS feeds/readers or inboxes or whatever else you might be using to follow my blog (I’ve already posted five new posts in the last 48 hours):


As absurd as these thoughts may sound, EQComics writer, Dan Long, actually makes a very good point. But I guess I’ve got nothing to be concerned about ’cause I don’t live in the States.


Here’s an older xkcd comic that I particularly like. It’s a humourous take on the stranded-on-a-desert-island cliché.


Just a little Smoshy goodness.

So, I think three things will be enough for now. Five points goes to the person who can guess how I came up with my title (too easy).

I may be posting daily or almost daily for the next couple of weeks just because a lot of behind-the-scenes type of stuff has been going on. Excitement!

– “Keep moving forward.” – Walt Disney