by Danica

I feel like I’ve neglected this blog a little bit. I’m trying to think of some interesting things that have happened to me lately, but I realised that my life’s been as boring as watching paint dry (has anybody ever done that?).

One slightly exciting thing that has happened, though, is that two weeks ago, today, I got my green P’s!

No, not those peas.

Not those, either. But at least, the little guys look like they’re celebrating with me!

By “green P’s”, I mean that I got my Provisional P2 license. Unless you live in New South Wales, that probably won’t mean anything to you. As far as I know, NSW is the only state or territory (in Australia) that has two levels of provisional licensing. Apparently, the NSW state government thinks its own young (or less experienced) drivers are more irresponsible than the same-aged drivers in the rest of the country.

Known as the "Graduated Licensing Scheme". Taken from my now invalid and incorrect log book. (Click to see it slightly larger)

These were the rules when I got my my Learner’s in 2006, eight months after I was old enough to get them (I was lazy, and also my first attempt a month or so earlier had proved unsuccessful). I held that license for nearly 3 years and passed the DART in January 2009, just 4 months before my license was due to expire (procrastination is so my thing).

I was aware that I only needed to be on my red P’s for 12 months and thought that my license was valid for 24. So when I still hadn’t got around to booking my HPT in February of this year, I decided that I wasn’t in any rush to get it. About a month ago, a bank teller observed that my license was going to expire sometime soon and mentioned that I should get it renewed. When I looked at the expiration date, it said July of this year, not January of next.


So, I booked my test (you don’t have to, but you never know if the RTA is gonna be busy when you get there), completed it in 15 minutes (half the proposed time) and passed with flying colours! The HPT was friggin’ easy, I tell ya. You can’t go wrong unless you decide not to use common sense.

Some advice for anyone wanting to take the HPT any time in the future: In a real life situation, you have a 180° view. When you’re looking at an image on a computer, you don’t.

– “Keep moving forward.” – Walt Disney