Let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yeah’, and your ‘No’ be ‘Nah’

by Danica

Greetings fellow Earthlings! I come to you, after many eons since my last visit, to bring you news of mediocre significance — the story of my life.

Phewwwww, what a lame intro, Danica. Only aliens talk like that, and it hasn’t been that long since your last visit, since you posted last week. Duh.

Anyway, I’ve been up to the usual, ordinary, day-to-day stuff. Bein’ a couch potato and the like. Sleeping in, stayin’ up late. You know the drill. Here are some stories;

You may have read my previous post about my churro-making fail where I blabbed about how I made churros with an icing pump which resulted in my churros looking like French fries. If not, then go read that first because it’s sort of an intro to the story I’m going to share now.

Tonight, I decided to make churros with my brand new piping bag. And with cimmanin (I didn’t have any cinnamon when I made my French churros)! Of course, I used the same recipe as before. I didn’t wanna risk ending up with too many leftovers, so this time, I only doubled the recipe for my family.

It was a million times easier to push the dough out of the piping bag rather than the icing pump. I guess it was because the piping bag was made of a much more flexible material than that of the pump. I got a little too excited squeezing out the first five or so churros that they ended up being quite long. And there were some that I burnt on one side because I had forgotten that they had been frying in the pan for a while already. No matter. I’m happy with the result and they were pretty darn delicious.

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I forgot about buying some chocolate to melt for dipping the churros in, but we had a bottle of Hershey’s chocolate syrup in the pantry. I wanted the dipping chocolate to at least be a little warm, so I microwaved some in a bowl for 10 seconds, and voila!

Also, I didn’t realise how much people didn’t like cinnamon! My dad and sister both complained that there was too much cinnamon, so they both added more sugar to their churros.


Hah well.

That’s the end of that story.

Here’s another story. I haven’t told many people this because it’s not something that I wanted to loudly proclaim to the whole world, but since it’s made a big difference in my life lately, I decided to tell you, my loyal readers (and occasional guests). I’ve already posted this story in my journal on my deviantART account, so most of this was copied and pasted from there, since it is my life story. So if you read it there, you don’t really need to read the rest of this post;

Most people would know that I was studying and in my second year at uni(versity), and some of the clever ones would’ve been able to name what exactly I was studying.

However, throughout the duration of (what I had completed of) this course, I came to realise that I didn’t want to be a Financial Mathematician, nor did I want to be a businesswoman cooped up in a cubicle or office from 9 to 5 every weekday (I never liked the idea of being a businesswoman cooped up in a cubicle or office from 9 to 5 every weekday to begin with). I thought long and hard about the different career paths leading from my course, and I just couldn’t see myself retiring from any of those careers many years from now.

At the moment, I don’t have a job, and thank God that other than my parents and Centrelink (who tell me I’m not eligible for any government help), I have some sort of income — from teaching young children piano (by the way, I’m open to teaching people over 11 years old, as well). I started doing this in January 2009 and at present, I have five students. I charge only $15 per one hour lesson (other teachers may charge $20 for a half hour lesson), which earns me a mere 75 bucks a week, which is pretty good income for someone who doesn’t have to pay bills or tax. Also, it’s better pay than if I was getting paid the starting rate at some fast food chain (no, I’ll never resort to a job at Maccas).

So anyway, teaching kids how to play piano brought back the passion for teaching that I had when I was in Year 12; applying for uni and putting Primary Education at three different universities as my top 3 course preferences; grabbing every pamphlet, brochure and prospectus available on the different teaching courses available; wanting to impart something to the next generation via the classroom.

After graduating from high school in September 2007, I didn’t get the marks I needed to get into primary school teaching at uni. So I went to TAFE (not sure what the international equivalent of that would be; maybe like USA’s community college?) and studied Business Management for a year (don’t ask why; it’s complicated). I used the marks/qualifications from BusMgmt to get into uni, and started a Bachelor of Business & Commerce, majoring in Financial Mathematics (I only chose to major in that instead of Accounting or some other crap ’cause I LOVED Maths in high school).

Since starting that course in February 2009, I’ve pretty much hated it. When I got my marks after the first semester I was blown away by how crap I did and immediately decided that I wanted to become a music teacher. I tossed the idea around for too long, and before I knew it, I was half way through my second semester of Financial Maths. Ugh.

Long story short, I put off dropping out of uni too long, and the day I submitted the form to “resign from my course” was what UWS calls the “census date”, which is basically the deadline if you wanna drop a subject or two, pick up a subject or two, or drop out of the course entirely — after having begun my 3rd semester of uni (they have a census date during the 5th week of every semester).

So I dropped out 3 or 4 weeks ago now, and since then, I’ve mostly been a couch potato with the occasional I-better-get-up-and-do-something-or-I’ll-be-potato-shaped-soon attitude. I’m still looking for a proper job ’cause I eventually want to pay for gas for my parents’ car, which I drive occasionally, and I eventually want to buy my own brand new car, and you know, things like that. I also want to buy my own keyboard or very portable digital piano that I can bring to church and church camps (like how the guitarists/bassists have maybe multiple guitars and a case full of effects pedals *ahem ahem my dad and brother and Gen*, and the drummers have spare cymbals and spare drums and spare drum skins and spare drum sticks).

Anyway, I’ll be looking into the different unis and colleges and comparing their Bachelor of Music programs to see what I prefer. I mean, I already have my heart set on a particular campus, but it’d be nice to get in the field sooner, y’know what I mean?

So. Churros and droppin’ out of school. What a year it’s been for me, eh?

– “Keep moving forward.” – Walt Disney