French churros

by Danica

I made it one of my New Year’s resolutions to cook/cook more/learn how to cook. (I haven’t actually told anyone that, but you, my special readers, are officially the first to know!) I’ve never really cooked anything before. I may have mixed cookie ingredients or chopped some veggies or grated some cheese, but I’ve never been able to say that something deliciously edible was the result of my culinary skills (what culinary skills?).

The other week, my friends and I hung out to celebrate a friend’s birthday. We ate at some churros place at Blacktown near the station, and Abi, my best friend since Kindy, mentioned that she actually knew how to make churros. I had always thought churros were made with some special machinery or some special skill so I was sorta like Woah.

Later, we all went back to the birthday boy’s place to eat a proper dinner of Nando’s (with rice (kanin FTW, aw yeah)). We were chillin’ out and came to the conclusion that since we were all sorta not doing anything the next day, we should hang out again, and we decided to hang at Abi’s place.

Late-ish the next morning, I rocked up to Abi’s house and we were like I haven’t eaten breakfast yet, Let’s cook something, Let’s make churros, Ok! Abi grabbed all the ingredients, told me how much to put of what in the pot and mix it, then she stuffed it all in a piping bag (made out of leftover curtains) and squeezed out the gunk. Then I fried them.

Is that it?!

Abi even melted some chocolate for dipping. SO DAMN YUMMY. Before I left, I grabbed the recipe off her so I could make some at home, since it was so easy anyway.


  • 1 cup water
  • 2 ½ tbsp white sugar
  • ½ tbsp salt
  • 2 tbsp vegetable oil
  • 1 cup flour
  • ½ cup white sugar & cinnamon
  • Method:

  • In a small saucepan over medium heat, combine water, sugar, salt, oil. Bring to boil.
  • Stir in flour until it forms a ball.
  • Heat oil for frying in deep fryer, 190°F (approx. 87°C)
  • Pipe strips of dough into oil. Fry till golden. Drain on paper foils*.
  • Roll in sugar & cinnamon

    And now, here’s the story of my attempt;

    On Good Friday we had an afternoon service at church, which left the whole of Friday evening FREE. Our family had no plans but to go home and eat dinner, so I decided it would be the perfect time to make churros.

    We didn’t have a piping bag, but we did have an icing pump, much like (exactly like) this one. I figured an icing pump and a piping bag were sorta similar, but I was doubting how effective the pump would be for “piping” out the dough. I knew the dough would be tough, or that it would get tough eventually, or that it might stick to the inside of the pump, and I didn’t want the pump to get clogged up with churro dough.

    We used it anyway, and I didn’t realise that the nozzle was narrow, so my churros ended up looking like French fries! (You may have seen my tweets about them.)

    When Abi and I made the churros, we doubled the recipe (or tripled?) to feed three people (me + her + Aaron), and we ended up with enough churros to fill us and take home (Abi didn’t have any takeaway containers, though :(). So it only seemed fitting to triple the recipe to feed a greedier-than-usual-when-they-are-offered-tasty-treats family of five. But when my churros ended up as crispy little twigs instead of a long, doughy sticks of cinnamon, we ended up with leftovers that lasted the weekend, even with all the greediness.

    I went shopping with the family on Tuesday and we bought a piping bag and a WIDE nozzle for it so I can make sausage-sized churros. I was gonna make some yesterday, but then didn’t feel like it. When I get around to it (hopefully soon, so I can use my brand new piping bag), I’ll let you know.

    Read more of my cooking adventures here or find the “Katigoris” widget at the bottom of the page and select the Recipes category.

    – “Keep moving forward.” – Walt Disney

    – –

    * I think they mean “paper or foil”? I dunno.