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Month: April, 2010

Let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yeah’, and your ‘No’ be ‘Nah’

Greetings fellow Earthlings! I come to you, after many eons since my last visit, to bring you news of mediocre significance — the story of my life.

Phewwwww, what a lame intro, Danica. Only aliens talk like that, and it hasn’t been that long since your last visit, since you posted last week. Duh.

Anyway, I’ve been up to the usual, ordinary, day-to-day stuff. Bein’ a couch potato and the like. Sleeping in, stayin’ up late. You know the drill. Here are some stories;

You may have read my previous post about my churro-making fail where I blabbed about how I made churros with an icing pump which resulted in my churros looking like French fries. If not, then go read that first because it’s sort of an intro to the story I’m going to share now.

Tonight, I decided to make churros with my brand new piping bag. And with cimmanin (I didn’t have any cinnamon when I made my French churros)! Of course, I used the same recipe as before. I didn’t wanna risk ending up with too many leftovers, so this time, I only doubled the recipe for my family.

It was a million times easier to push the dough out of the piping bag rather than the icing pump. I guess it was because the piping bag was made of a much more flexible material than that of the pump. I got a little too excited squeezing out the first five or so churros that they ended up being quite long. And there were some that I burnt on one side because I had forgotten that they had been frying in the pan for a while already. No matter. I’m happy with the result and they were pretty darn delicious.
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French churros

I made it one of my New Year’s resolutions to cook/cook more/learn how to cook. (I haven’t actually told anyone that, but you, my special readers, are officially the first to know!) I’ve never really cooked anything before. I may have mixed cookie ingredients or chopped some veggies or grated some cheese, but I’ve never been able to say that something deliciously edible was the result of my culinary skills (what culinary skills?).

The other week, my friends and I hung out to celebrate a friend’s birthday. We ate at some churros place at Blacktown near the station, and Abi, my best friend since Kindy, mentioned that she actually knew how to make churros. I had always thought churros were made with some special machinery or some special skill so I was sorta like Woah.

Later, we all went back to the birthday boy’s place to eat a proper dinner of Nando’s (with rice (kanin FTW, aw yeah)). We were chillin’ out and came to the conclusion that since we were all sorta not doing anything the next day, we should hang out again, and we decided to hang at Abi’s place.

Late-ish the next morning, I rocked up to Abi’s house and we were like I haven’t eaten breakfast yet, Let’s cook something, Let’s make churros, Ok! Abi grabbed all the ingredients, told me how much to put of what in the pot and mix it, then she stuffed it all in a piping bag (made out of leftover curtains) and squeezed out the gunk. Then I fried them.

Is that it?!

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