Gravity (You Can’t Explain)

by Danica


“For everyone who has gone through something, that words just do no justice for.”
Aaron Jason Santos


If you haven’t watched the video above,
then why are you already reading this?!

My dear friend, Aaron, who has more musical talent than he probably gives himself credit for, recently wrote the song that you just (/should have) listened to.

In my opinion, the song is kinda emo-y, and totally different to Aaron’s personality — corny. But if you consider the meaning behind the lyrics, it’s easier to understand it and appreciate it.

I guess I should let him explain it:

This is something a little on the serious side.

2009 – a year filled of events, most of which were not too good to me. Without going into too much detail, this song expresses the hurt somewhere inside — when words do no justice, music takes over.

The ‘gravity’ is lingering pain that we desperately try to escape from – but just like gravity , the pain is just always there.

(Excuse the audio – it was experimental and not my final product of the song.)

And the photo montage; a collection of memories that keeps me “fixed in the past” – when everything was easy. Also these are what are referred to as the “photographs and memories”, all of which could be found on my bedroom wall.

I don’t know; I guess he could make a career in music, but I don’t think that’s what he wants to do with himself. I mean, he’s a check-out chick guy, for crying out loud.

– “Keep moving forward.” – Walt Disney

Dedicated to Aaron, ’cause I told him I’d promote him in my blog.❤