Fads of the Noughties

by Danica

I was reading through some news articles on Planet 3 last night and I came across a collection of articles that paid homage to the decade that is soon coming to a close – the Noughties.

“Like a penniless drunk with a hefty bar tab, the Noughties are making a sideways run for it,” reads a brief description about the last decade. There were polls that asked readers what event helped define the noughties, what was the biggest celeb shocker, and what was the sporting moment of the decade. These were accompanied with articles that discussed the 5 best and 5 worst films, and the top 5 distractions of the decade – ‘noughty fads’.

For me, personally, the years 2000 to 2009 are/were years that are/were mostly full of teenage/adolescent/pubescent drama. But I wanted to share that Top 5 Fads list (with images I compiled myself) because I reckon people like me who grew up during the noughties will look back on these years when we’re old and fragile and say, “Back in my day…”

The 80’s had spandex, big hair and fashionable androgyny. The 90’s had grunge, Beavis & Butthead and the Macarena. But what fads held our ever-shrinking attention spans in the Noughties?

5: Crazy Diets

crazy diets

Dieting is nothing new, but the Noughties saw the rise of a plague of insane diet trends. Strangely, the ‘doctors’ pushing these diets usually have a body that can only be described as ‘Marlon Brando-esque’.

4: Energy Drinks

energy drinks

Out of the hands of tweeked clubbers, and into the hands of ten year olds with ADD. Energy drinks emerged from the place of glow sticks and smoke machines into every day usage.

3: Movie Books

movie books

Movies based on books written to have movies based on them. Usually a series – think Twilight, Harry Potter and anything Dan Brown has done or will ever do. If you’re reading this on public transport, you could probably look up and find someone reading one of these books right now.

2: iStuff


Thanks to the insidiously effective Apple marketing department, there’s a 90% chance that you’re in arm’s reach of an iSomething at any given point of the day.

1: Social Networking

social networking

If you don’t have a Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Bebo, Flickr, Yahoo or LinkedIn account, can you really consider yourself a well-rounded human being?

Honourable Mentions

Crocs, Texas Hold ‘Em poker, razor scooters, Chinese character tattoos, “waaassssupp?”, Sudoku

If you want the link to the original Planet 3 article, it’s http://three.net.au/specials/Noughties/Fads

– “Keep moving forward.” – Walt Disney