Project 365

by Danica

A new post already? But you just posted yesterday!

Yes, yes, I know. Is it too soon for another post? Meh, who cares!

So, what is Project 365? The first time I heard of it was in Nikki‘s post about her undertaking of the Project, and the concept intrigued me.

The idea of Project 365, according to Nikki, is to take a photo that encapsulates your day. But the idea of using an image to describe my day to you is a task that I find difficult. I may not be a words person, and pictures may be worth a thousand words, but I like to describe things with words.

I thought I’d Google “project 365” and I found some interesting blogs that people posted about their decisions to take part in the Project. Surprisingly, I couldn’t find an article on it in Wikipedia, so I’ll have to settle for an article from Photojojo‘s site about the What’s, the Why’s and the How’s of Project 365:

Project 365: How to Take a Photo a Day and See Your Life in a Whole New Way

The idea of being able to look back on photos taken each day throughout the last 12 months of my life is what excites me about Project 365. The purpose of Project 365 is to also improve your photographing skills. I’m not a photographer, but I guess it’s worth a try. I don’t even have a camera, but the 2-megapixel camera on my new phone will be good enough.

I won’t be posting my Project 365 pics here on WordPress — instead, I’ll be posting them to my Posterous blog. What is Posterous? A more convenient way to blog. But I still love WordPress, no doubt about that. It’s just that when I post a photo to Posterous, it automatically gets posted to my brand-spankin’ new Flickr account.

I don’t know what my first photo will be. Like I said before, it’ll be difficult for me to capture a day’s worth of events, emotions, jokes or lessons in just one photo. I say, bring on the challenge!

Update 09.09.09: the fun starts here.

Update 03.10.09: I’ve given up for the time being. I pretty much got bored of it, haha. But I think I’ll give the Project another go next year, in 2010, starting on January 1st, like I should.

Update 29.12.2010: So as you can see, I didn’t begin on January 1st 2010. But instead, I’ll be taking part in this project in 2011.

Update 26.01.2011: I think I did pretty well in Project 365 in 2011. Though I failed horribly in posting the photos to this blog, the book that I stuck the photos in is quite thick. The pictures that I did manage to post up can be found here.

– “Keep moving forward.” – Walt Disney