#sandilandsisadouche – My take

by Danica

If you’re an Australian with a radio that picks up 104.1 2DayFM’s broadcasts, then surely you have heard all this smack about the Kyle and Jackie O show that involved a 14 year old girl being strapped to a lie detector in the studio and then being asked about her sex life, while her mother looked on (from what I’ve heard, it was the mother who asked the question that now has Kyle and Jackie in hot water), while it was broadcasted live. If you don’t know about this, here’s an article for ya: Lie detector stunt backfires on radio

This has been the talk of the day, no doubt. My lecturer even mentioned it in today’s lecture. I don’t normally talk about current issues in my blog because they don’t affect my personal life, but I have heard too much about an incident that I would not normally care about.

I don’t know who should be blamed for the public humiliation of a 14 year old girl. I don’t know whether the mother was thinking clearly when she allowed her daughter to do the lie detector test. I’m not sure if Jackie O should be sacked. I’m not sure Kyle should be allowed to keep his job. I don’t like 2DayFM – every time I listen to it, the talk in between the songs is about a music artist that I do not like, or sex. I don’t like hearing about music artists I don’t like, or about sex. The radio is for music.

Kyle and Jackie apologised to the girl today (well, yesterday now), and to basically everyone that was offended by the “stunt”. I watched a news segment tonight about this “apology” and from what I heard, Kyle just dug himself into a deeper hole.

But anyway, there’s this guy, Josh Thomas. He’s a comedian from Brisbane, and he is the Generation Y team captain on the funny show, Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation. I follow him on Twitter* and I read his blog*, and today (yesterday), he blogged the following about the incident:

I am pretty shocked by how many people are defending Kyle and Jackie O in this.

The mum seems like an idiot, she really does. But that doesn’t shift blame away from Kyle.

The girl was forced on the radio, she said at the beginning of the interview she didn’t want to be there and that it was unfair. (being a minor her consent form is signed by her mum)
The girl was then strapped to a lie-detector and asked questions by her mum about her sex life. No matter what the girl says next this is an incredibly cruel thing to do to a 14 year old. After this interview everyone she knows will know if she has had sex and how often. There is nothing for her to gain in this interview.

Asking someone questions like this on a lie detector is dangerous. The lie detector means the guest can’t censor themselves, so anything the guest has done or has had done to them will be forced out. It is incredibly irresponsible to not, at least, pre-record the segment to protect the family and the listeners.

Also, in case something like this happens radio goes out on a 7 second delay so you can ‘dump’ inappropriate things people have said. I don’t understand why the sentence ‘I was raped when I was 12’ wasn’t ‘dumped’ and the segment aborted.

Now Kyle and Jackie O are furious at the media for how this has been ‘portrayed.’ I am not sure it could of been portrayed any other way. I made my mind up by listening to their unedited audio. They are also upset that this has become such a major news story. Why are they suddenly concerned about attention on the 14 year old girls private life? Yesterday they were happy to probe into live on air.

Kyle has been doing this for a long time. He is not an amateur. This segment, even it had gone to plan, is unforgivable.

Some radio DJ’s get ratings by exploiting people with genuine issues who clearly aren’t that intelligent. Some get them by being funny and interesting.
I just wish more people listened to the latter.

EDIT: Apparently there was no time delay. If so then this is irresponsible squared.

EDIT: In response to criticism below.
I based my opinions on the radio clips I heard, both the original interview and the apology. Not media coverage.
I am focussing in Kyle because he is the most powerful person on the show, what he says goes.

EDIT: Also, irrelevant of whether you think radio like this is ethical this interview was done irresponsibly. They could of put practices in place to make sure something like this didn’t happen and they didn’t.

EDIT: Re: podcast
I agree, there is some borderline stuff on the podcast and we’ve tried to clean it up a bit lately.
I think we will start a season 2 soon and get rid of the earlier episodes.
I don’t agree with censorship, I believe if people don’t like something or it offends them they should just stop listening, that isn’t the issue here. My issue with this is the treatment of the girl, who I believe had no choice.

(via An Unremarkable Diary)

I felt the need to comment on the blog of a man that I will most likely never meet or see performing live:

It seems it’s already been said too many times, but I do agree with you entirely. I must admit, I’ve been somewhat influenced by the media, but I never liked Kyle to begin with, both as a person and as a radio host. I don’t listen to 2DayFM, so I definitely don’t listen to Kyle and Jackie O. I only heard about this incident through internet and TV news, and so I haven’t actually listened to the interview OR the apology.

I’d say the mother deserves a large amount of the blame. Yes, Kyle is a dick, but from what I’ve heard, the mother helped pull the answer out of her daughter. Apparently, when the girl was asked the question, her mother looked at her, smiling, and the girl said something along the lines of “you already know; don’t make me say it”. Yet the mother insisted that her 14 year old daughter broadcast to anyone listening that she had been raped at the age of 12. Also, what you said about the girl being underage and her mother giving consent is a very good point.

That’s my 2 cents.🙂

On Wednesday, #sandilandsisadouche was a Twitter tag that Josh started (I think he started it). It became a trending topic.

– “Keep moving forward.” – Walt Disney

Update 11.12.09: Josh has since removed the original post. I think he took it down the next day.

* Not anymore.