Mobile, cellular and portable

by Danica

I’ve never been one for phones with moving parts that flip or slide, and I’m fond of keypads so touch phones aren’t that appealing. At the moment, I have the Nokia 6300. I’m pretty happy with it, but when I got it as a graduation/Christmas present in 2007, I didn’t really want a new phone. I was already happy with my phone at the time – the Nokia 3200. The phone I had before that was the Nokia 3200; before that, the Nokia 3315; before that, the Nokia 5110. Heh. Someone likes Nokias.

From the 6300, I now want a switch. My current phone crush is the Nokia E63.

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I’m not sure if I could afford it, though. I mean, I don’t have a job, so… hm.

The E63 has a QWERTY keyboard (keypad?) and is email compatible. Those are the only two features that I’m really looking for in a new phone, but the E63 is kind of an old model now…

Lately, the Nokia N97 has been catching my eye.

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It looks and acts like a regular touch phone, but if you slide the top bit, it turns into a mini laptop! It looks pretty funky.

BUT! today I was looking through a copy of mX that someone left on the train and I came across an ad of the latest LG KS360.

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It’s like an even funkier version of the N97!

Now I have a dilemma. I would still rather have a phone that doesn’t flip or slide, but I really, really like the N97 and the KS360. The E63 doesn’t slide, so it’s perfect, but the N97 and KS360 have bigger screens since the main keyboard/pad is on another part of the phone.

I don’t have any money anyway, so how on earth am I gonna buy any of them?

Update 07.09.09: I got the E63.

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