Repost: Burning love

by Danica

I was reading a recent blog by heidlesz earlier in which she re-posted an old blog from way back in 2007. This reminded me that I wanted to re-post some of my old Myspace blogs here on WordPress so that they could be, you know, exposed. So I looked through my old blogs to find something to post that somewhat reflected what’s going through my mind lately, and I found the perfect one. Here it is:

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“I loved you with a fire red – now it’s turning blue.”

The preceding set of words were actually lyrics from OneRepublic’s Apologize. I’m not poetic enough to come up with a line like that.

The first time I heard those lyrics, I wondered what it meant. There’s no such thing as a blue fire, right? Wrong. I learnt in Science all the way back in 2002 while in Year 7 that there are such thing as blue flames. I think it was during the first week of high school, and we were being taught how to use the Bunsen burner. I’m sure you’ve used one before. Our Science teacher at the time, Mr. Schenkel, taught us that when the small holes at the bottom of the Bunsen burner were open, the oxygen entering the spout caused the flame that erupted to be red. But, when the holes were closed, the lack of oxygen would induce a blue flame, with a temperature much hotter than the red flame.

So, why was Ryan Tedder singing about a love-fire that burned at a high temperature? He wasn’t. In light of the story of the OneRepublic song, he was, in fact, singing about his love for someone freezing over, or, in other words, dying. The colour red represents warmth, passion and excitement, while the colour blue represents gloom, bitterness and unfriendliness. Whoever he loved before broke his heart to a point where he just couldn’t love them anymore. (I don’t get people who say stuff like that. Love doesn’t turn on and off.)

I, on the other hand, see those lyrics in a more positive light. Why should the colour of the love-fire in the song be metaphorical? Why can’t it just be downright literal? People, like Elvis Presley, talk about their love for someone being a burning love. Your love for someone could be a flame that has just been ignited. The passion is only beginning, and the new-found excitement is a little frightening. But the deeper you fall in love with that person, the higher the temperatures of your love-fire rise. And the more you love that person, the more you don’t want to let go (the holes on the Bunsen burner close). Your immense, fervent love for this person has turned blue, and it’s hotter than ever.

In case you didn’t figure it out, the kind of love that I’ve been talking about is romantic love – the kind that’s found between a man and a woman, a husband and a wife. I guess you could probably use either explanation of the beginning sentence of this blog to describe your love for anyone, but I’d suggest that it is used primarily to describe romantic love.

I don’t really have a conclusion to this blog. Actually, I don’t have one at all. I just wanted to share my thoughts on the lyrics.

My love for you is the bluest blue.

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[UPDATE 15.04.2010] The “original” post can now be found on the Prelude to Baring my heart page. [/UPDATE]

– “Keep moving forward.” – Walt Disney