New BSB single, Straight Through My Heart

by Danica

I am TOTALLY in love with the Backstreet Boys, and there has been news of them recording a new album. I’ve been following them on Twitter for pretty much as long as I’ve had Twitter (a couple of months?), and every now and then, the BSB Twitter account tweets something about the Boys recording songs for their upcoming album.

You have no idea how excited this gets me 😀

No, not that kind of excited.

Needless to say, when they tweeted yesterday that their new single was up and playing on their site, it made me jump for joy and scream at my sister about how excited I was, and I couldn’t stop smiling… until I realised I couldn’t listen to it as I was doing things in preparation for my sister’s party tomorrow.

So today, I finally went to their site, and I am listening to the beautiful harmonies created by Nick, AJ, Brian and Howie. The best thing about it is that it’s looped – which means it’s on repeat! Like Homer drools for food, my ears are drooling at the sound of their voices. Ok, no, not really. That’s gross. But I can assure you that this is getting me all the more excited for the release of the album. I can’t wait! XD

If you would like to hear their sexy voices, have a listen at their site:

At this point, the melodies and harmonies and beats and rhythms are already stuck in my head. By the end of the day, the lyrics will finally be embedded in my brain.

[UPDATE 15.04.2010] The site’s been changed since then, ’cause since then, they’ve released their new album. It’s friggin’ awesome! [/UPDATE]

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