Sunny Side Down

by Danica

Look what I bought today!

Photo 461

I was trying to look excited/shocked. Emphasis on the word 'trying'. Epic fail, Danica.

I’ve been wanting this book ever since I saw this video in February. The book’s titled Sunny Side Down and it’s by Lev Yilmaz, the creator of the amazing YouTube video series, Tales of Mere Existence.

Ha, I know. I just did a little bit of advertising. But I think you should check out his videos. They’re pretty darn good, and Lev is a GENIUS.

– “Keep moving forward.” – Walt Disney

[UPDATE 01.12.2010] The video has been set to private, so you can’t watch it anymore, though it’s still there. You’ll probably have to befriend Lev and ask him to let you watch it.

Also, check it out, Lev commented on the photo on Facebook YEEEEEEEEEEAAAHHH. [/UPDATE]