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Month: June, 2009

State of Origin, Game 2, 2009

Blues home ground – ANZ Stadium

A bunch of us went to watch the game. Paid $50 for crappy/awesome seats way up back where we could see ALL the action. If we paid an extra $10, we would’ve also got a jersey, a wig and a banner thingy to wave around. Also, the number of steps we climbed would have probably been cut down by 50%.

(Check out the interactive seating plan. We sat in section 609. Click on that box, and three smaller boxes will pop up. Click on the right box, and what you’ll see is basically what’s in the photo above^.)

My favourite moment of the game was the 29th minute. Hayne scored a try. NSW’s first try of the match. NSW’s first points of the match. It was a beautiful, joyous moment, which resulted in an uproar of probably 70% of the stadium’s crowd of 80,495 (or was it 80,459?). Every Blues supporter rose to their feet, cheering wildly, as if that try was the only thing that mattered. And hey, it was the only conversion that Gidley didn’t miss that night.

At full time: Queensland 24, New South Wales 14. In my opinion, it wasn’t as bad as the first game, which I can’t remember, and Google won’t tell me (so now I can’t be bothered to search further). But it was pretty horrific before. I guess this time, it was just as horrific because firstly, it was on home ground, and secondly, WE WERE THERE.

But, it was the most fun I’ve had in a while, out. With some of the coolest people around. And I think I hurt my voice box a little. But it was worth it, and I’d SO DO IT AGAIN!

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I before E

Read this first: British government spells end of ‘i before e’ rule

This is absolutely ridiculous. The reason why it’s “not worth teaching” the ‘i before e’ rule is because that’s all that people teach these days. The complete rule is:

Where there is a long ‘E’ sound, ‘I’ comes before ‘E’, except after ‘C’.

If you disregard the part about the ‘long E sound’ and ‘except after C’, then of course teaching ‘i before e’ becomes useless.

‘Sufficient’, ‘veil’ and ‘their’ don’t have long E sounds, therefore the rule doesn’t apply to them. ‘Sufficient’ may have ‘ie’ after a c, but how do you pronounce ‘sufficient’? “Suh-FISHEE-ent” or “suh-FISH-ent”? I’ve heard most people say the latter. But that’s not the point.

There’s a “Spelling Society” and you’d think they were aware that the entire rule has been forgotten. I paid attention in school, so I know the damn rule. I’m a bit of a grammar nazi sometimes. If the damn Spelling Society doesn’t even know how to apply the rule properly, then why are they the Spelling Society? I should be the Spelling Society.

Anyway, I read that news article and it got me all fired up and I had to go on a tirade.

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A little something about the label that was bestowed upon me following my departure from the womb*

The label that was bestowed upon me following my departure from the womb is Danica. Danica Mariel to be exact (hey, you people who haven’t done my Facebook quiz; I just gave you a heads up). I don’t know why my parents gave me that name. Even they don’t know why. The combination of ‘Danica’ and ‘Mariel’ just sounded good to them (I’ve asked them, that’s what they said).

Now that I’ve been stuck with that epithet for almost 20 years, I wouldn’t have it any other way. It rolls right off my tongue like the waves roll off the shore back into the ocean.

But have you ever wondered what your name actually means? I haven’t, but I’ve thought about the definition of mine.

We actually have a book here at home appropriately titled What Shall We Name The Baby? It alphabetically lists many names, for boys and girls. Next to each name you’ll find its origin, its ‘sex’ (as in, whether the name itself is a feminine or masculine name), its meaning and a list of diminutives (other versions of that name**).

I found the book very handy when I wanted to name my teddy bears and other stuffed toys, but now I don’t even remember the names I gave any of them. Only one. The Forever Friends bear that Zaimon gave to me for my 16th birthday. I named him Alvar. I can’t remember what that means, but whatever it means has something to do with the bear’s appearance.

In that book I found the definition of my name. ‘Danica’ meant ‘morning star’ and ‘Mariel’ …well, it wasn’t in the book. Actually, it appeared there as a diminutive of ‘Mary’, which had two different meanings and many different origins. The Hebrew definition said ‘bitter’. Me, bitter? Pssh (taste me, I’m salty). So, since ‘Danica’ was of Slavonic origin, I went with the Slavonic definition of ‘Mary’, or ‘Mariel’, which was ‘star of the sea’. Not only did it sound a whole lot nicer, but my entire name originated from the same place AND they both involved stars.

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Breathe oxygen

I was spending the night enjoying some Backstreet Boys tunes, and I thought to myself how I hadn’t listened to Drowning, one of my favourite songs, in a while. I had actually drawn something last year (yes, I draw – sort of) which was inspired by the lyrics of that song, and I haven’t shown it to anyone. Except, maybe a select few.

I debated with myself about whether I would show you guys. The next song that played was, in fact, Drowning, so I figured WHY NOT. I’ll show you guys my little artwork.

Breathe oxygen

The writing there is actual lyrics from the song. It reads “Every time I breathe I take you in. And my heart – it beats again.” It’s probably my most favourite sentence from that song, and it can have so much depth to it, depending on how you look at it. Here is my interpretation:

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Danica’s ramblings

I looked at my blog calendar last night and noticed that I hadn’t blogged in 2 weeks! That’s horrible! So I promised myself I’d make an attempt – even if it’s lousy – at writing a blog today.

I looked at the clock and realised that it was 11:59pm, so I hurriedly logged on to WordPress with (approximately) 30 seconds till midnight, and *drum roll* the permalink remains dated for the 17th! Phew!

Normally, I’d blog about something profound that I had just learnt or some amazing revelation that caused me to reflect on my current situation and make changes to my life. Since the beginning of May, God has taught me a lot of things, many worthy to share with anyone (willing to read my blog). But when I sit down and try to comprehend what I’ve just learnt, or when I try to make some sense out of the million thoughts running through my mind about what I had just learnt, I can’t seem to make it make sense.

It’s like having to do research for an essay, and then finding that there’s a whole lot of books, web pages, articles and other materials that you can get information from, and then realising that you can’t just disregard any of those materials, but you have to somehow find a way to condense (CONDENSE!1) all of that information into a thousand word (or whatever) essay.

Well, I have about a month and a half’s worth of lessons to blog about. It really won’t seem like a month and a half to you, it’s just that I learnt quite a bit during that period of time. God has been constantly knocking at my door, whispering in my ear, conspicuously showing me obscure signs, and speaking to me through the words and actions of the amazing people that I do life with.

I will be back with more bloggings and ramblings and rantings tomorrow, but if not, well it’s not like it’ll matter to anyone ’cause no one reads this thing often enough to care whether I still post or not. In other words, there’s always Friday or the weekend or next week or next month or… yeah.

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