Lesson of the Day

by Danica

(More like a lesson that I’ve been learning the past several months, but I only realised this barely 2 minutes ago.)

Dwelling on the past causes more pain
than when you were living in it as the present.

When it was the present, you were numb to the whole situation. You were oblivious to everything around you. You were deaf and blind, and none of your senses were working to their full potential. They still work, but not as well as they should be.

However, once it’s passed and you’ve (apparently) moved on, you look back on what you went through, it seems to hurt so much more. Why?

You’d think that because you’re not in that situation anymore, the pain would dissipate quickly. But, you see, while the band-aid keeps the germs and the dirt away and out of the cut on your arm, that cut will not heal properly unless you wash it and expose it to oxygen.

Likewise, your heart will keep hurting if you try to nurse the wounds with kind words, hugs and kisses, comforting anecdotes and fake smiles. Let God breathe on you. Only He can bring you healing. And only His Word can restore your soul.

When you look back on your past, you are finally able to see all the pain and suffering you went through while in that (or those) situation(s). You tend to feel sorry for yourself, which is why even though you’ve “let go and moved on,” it still hurts like hell. It’s not supposed to hurt, right? You’ve moved on. You’ve let go. Why are you experiencing unbearable pain?

‘Cause you haven’t moved on. You’re still holding on to that damn iron rod. Yes, reminiscing is fun, but if you keep reminiscing, you won’t make any new memories. Then when you’re old, all you’ll have to look back on are the memories that you don’t want to remember.

As cheesy as all this sounds, it’s true. And as offensive as this may sound, you need to quit living in the past. God has a plan for you. His plan doesn’t involve you repeating your past in your mind over and over and over and over and over and over again. That’s boring. He wants you to be prosperous, fruitful, to be at peace, to be healed, to dwell in Him where there is no pain.

If you keep thinking about the pain, then of course it’ll hurt. Stop thinking about it and focus your mind, heart and eyes on God.

– “Keep moving forward.” – Walt Disney

Dedicated to Jasmine-Louise ❤

– –

(I was just thinking how much I didn’t make sense in this blog. Did I make sense?)

[UPDATE 01.12.2010] Fixed the link for the “damn iron rod”. [/UPDATE]